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Our Approach

Teel StratVisor Group believes that a consultative and phased partnering approach to problem-solving will result in the best overall solution for our clients. We value straightforward communication, delivering what we promised on time and within budget, and delivering solutions that account for the uniqueness of each client. We bring our long-term strategic thinking to each solution and work to provide impactful results every 90 days or less that move an organization toward their vision.

Our Process

Teel StratVisor Group takes a highly interactive approach to working with our clients. We follow the steps below to ensure a thorough understanding and analysis of our clients' needs. We customize the approach and solutions to each client's corporate culture, and create specific project parameters matching the approach with their short and longer term goals.
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What Makes StratVisor Unique?

StratVisor is a team of experienced Advisors with an average of 15 years experience in Commercial Real Estate. We combine our vast experience and a unique strategic insight to evaluate, at both a macro- and micro-level, how to improve organizations. We provide detailed and realistic tactical steps to achieve your goals.
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Value Creation Model and StratVisor ToolsetSM

Drawing on the experience and knowledge of our team, we have created the Value Creation Model©, which graphically depicts our consulting model. It illustrates how a company’s strategies align with their people, processes and tools to develop a secure foundation and maximize profitability and customer/investor satisfaction.

Value Creation Model

In addition, StratVisor has a custom-designed StratVisorSM Toolset which is a Knowledge Center, used to solve complex problems. There are currently 14 Tools being utilized, but we are continually developing and refining additional tools to help us help you.
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