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Our Approach

Our Process

Teel StratVisor Group takes a highly interactive approach to working with our clients. We follow the steps below to ensure a thorough understanding and analysis of our clients' needs. We customize the approach and solutions to each client's corporate culture, and create specific project parameters matching the approach with their short and longer term goals.

Step One – Information Gathering/Discovery
What is the goal of the engagement? Is there a specific problem or opportunity we are targeting? How is your company different from your competitors? How can we help enhance your current team, processes or tools to meet your growth or contraction targets? Are you realizing the goals you want with your current commercial real estate assets? Our job is to understand how we can help your firm. We gather a broad range of information by talking to and surveying your team and gathering information on your current processes, tools and profitability, strategy, corporate history and 3-5 year goals.

Step Two – Understand Current Status
After evaluating and analyzing all the information we collect, we document the current status of your portfolio and operations and how it applies to the specific project at hand. We inventory all areas, and begin to document areas to improve and possible solutions based on the numerous companies we have helped in these areas in the past. We will categorize these opportunities by area and lay the framework for solution development.

Step Three – Problem Solving
What is the best solution for your company? There is no "one size fits all" answer – our goal is to work with you and create a solution specifically designed for your company. Several options are considered and weighed based on factors that are important to your organization. As we explore solutions we consider the overall goal you are trying to achieve. For your company it may be improved profitability, decreased costs, enhanced customer service, preparing for growth, automated solutions, increased cycle time, and/or value-added stock price.

Step Four – Recommended Future Direction
Once the solution has been reached, agreed upon and tested to ensure it will solve the problem or implement the opportunity or goals of the organization, we will provide you with an overview of how to reach your future state, as well as a timeline to achieve the future direction. Our goal is to develop a phased approach that includes long-term initiatives and Quick Hits – low or no cost solutions that you can implement immediately with your internal team.

Five – Implementation
We advise you through the whole implementation process. We will be there to guide, assist and support your team until you have reached the various milestones along the way to your vision/and or goals. Implementations could include a new process, a new tool, a strategic portfolio plan, an asset plan, a new manual, a new organizational model, a new platform, etc.

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