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Value Creation Model and StratVisor ToolsetSM

1. StratVisor's Value Creation Model
The Value Creation Model aligns your strategies (Company, Portfolio and Real Estate Assets) to your real estate operations (People, Tools and Processes) by using metrics, communication and training. We use this model for all consulting engagements to help link the company strategy to the real estate portfolio and real estate operations. It produces processes that enable profitable operations, reduce costs and enhance customer/investor satisfaction.

2. Top Real Estate Performance Assessment
This instrument enables organizations to see how they are performing on strategic portfolio and operations issues versus their peers in the industry. We leverage this tool in helping our clients prioritize initiatives that increase profits, enhance customer service and reduce costs.

3. Portfolio And Asset Optimization Model
We leverage the portfolio model in development of strategic portfolio and facilities plans. We use our macro acquisition/disposition models to help our clients focus in on the locations that make sense for their particular business. We then use our disposition categorization model to assist companies with a holistic approach to all of the assets that no longer fit their model, and work with numerous equity sources to match and fund the disposition. Our focus is to right-size the portfolio, liquidate all disposal candidates and assist in finding the funding necessary to enhance the assets that remain and the operations that will continue to oversee those assets.

4. Macro/Micro Market Selector-Acquisition/Disposition Models
This model is used to assist in making decisions regarding various markets and property types that are strategic to future business. We leverage geographical information systems (GIS) in conjunction with a filter to demonstrate the numerous data sources mined and included in the models. The macro level is at the country and state level, while the micro level can be at the city and even the zip code level.

5. Portfolio And Asset Acquisition and Disposition Economic Impact Model
As an independent, strategic Advisor we leverage this model in conjunction with the optimization and macro/micro market data to efficiently determine the economic impact of acquisitions, new developments and disposition candidates for our clients. Measures we leverage can include IRR, Payback, EPS impact, etc.

6. Portfolio And Asset Disposition Categorization Model
This model, in conjunction with our macro and micro market model, is used to assist our clients in categorizing or segmenting various types of assets and prepare them for liquidation. Some assets can be marketed directly with brokers; some may be potential donation candidates; some 1031 exchange candidates, etc.

7. Advisory Prints for Quality Project Management in Casewise
These process flow chart prints document the steps we as consultants take in completing an asset, portfolio or operations optimization assignment. The process prints are developed in Casewise, a dynamic 3-dimensional business process modeling software. Our processes are also linked to our Value Creation Model.

8. Real Estate Organization Process Prints in Casewise
For a real estate organization there are over 2,000 tasks performed to deliver service to your customers. We leverage these prints to create new future state customized processes that layer your company's organization on the print, thereby documenting your company's unique value in the marketplace.

9. Metrics for Real Estate and Operations
This database contains over 1,500 metrics for optimizing real estate assets and operations. This database is leveraged to customize the appropriate key performance indicators, scorecards and dashboards necessary to optimize your real estate portfolio and operations.

10. Application Architecture template
This template is designed to assist in the development of future states for IT applications and/or systems. The template is used in conjunction with the IT Prioritization filter that is developed to determine the IT direction which is then applied to this template.

11. RE IT Application Requirements Database
This database is used to assist in making decisions regarding real estate applications. The database can be used in prioritizing/selecting or enhancing RE applications for the company. This database contains over 1000 data elements and reporting requirements across numerous areas, including portfolio management, asset management, property management, construction, preventive maintenance, financial accounting, etc.

12. RFP Tools (templates and process) for Vendors, Scorecards and Equity Partners
This tool includes templates and processes for the development of Requests for Proposal (RFPs). This tool can be used for Vendors, Equity Partners and Disposition Partners.

13. Strategic Decision Scorecards
This scorecard is an analytical tool that creates the framework from which we objectively evaluate complex IT, real estate, financial and systems options and long-term implications in the context of our client's business strategy and objectives, competing business unit priorities and overall corporate risk profile.

14. Prints for Optimizing Assets
These prints document the steps we as consultants take in completing an asset optimization assignment. Our processes are also linked to our key models throughout the process.

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