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Are You Aligned for Top Performance?  Creating an Efficient, Accountable and Profitable Organizational Design for your Real Estate Department
[PDF – 36k]
It is not unexpected to discover that Corporate Real Estate departments have often developed in a rather ad hoc manner, frequently in direct response to core business space requirements. Before bringing new personnel into an organization many companies first have to follow internal recruitment from within policies. Often as a result of these policies, seniority rather than formal real estate training or experience become leading decision factors in filling key positions in Corporate Real Estate departments. With the continual rise in real estate values, many corporate real estate portfolios have grown into multimillion dollar assets worthy of their own strategy. The new, fast-paced world economy demands far greater agility and more immediate action than ever before. Therefore the need for Corporate Real Estate departments staffed with highly-skilled personnel and aligned with their company’s core business is highly critical. 

Communication with Executives and Your Board of Directors: Do You Speak Their Language?
[PDF - 33.1k]

Have you ever worked for a company and recognized areas that needed to be improved but could not effectively present the approach (or solution) to get the problem solved?  Frustrating, isn’t it?  Recently, we helped a group of facilities managers for a health insurance company gain approval to develop a new building to meet their future occupancy needs.  That may not seem like a huge accomplishment. Yet getting their company to approve a $100M development project after being turned down numerous times by the board over a two-year period was a major milestone to those managers!

Payoff for Operational Excellence = Higher Returns for the Commercial Real Estate Industry
[PDF – 20.2k]
Is this your world? As a portfolio manager or the owner of commercial real estate, your buildings are full.  Your tenants are happy, make their lease payments and never leave.  Your employees and contractors have been with you a long time and your tenants can’t say enough about your great customer service.  Your team is motivated each day to do its best, and it shows.

Improve Your "Disposition"
[PDF – 444k]
Corporate Real Estate Leader, May 2006
As CFO of a growth company, you are under pressure to merge another company with the existing platform and realize an extraordinary amount of savings from combining the two companies...

CREW President's Comments
[PDF – 55k]
December 2003 Issue
As I look at the end of 2003 nearing, I am astounded at what this organization has accomplished in such a transitional year, both for CREW and for the industry. I think this year can be marked by listening...

Strategic Real Estate Assessments
[PDF – 424k]
Are you satisfied with the returns of your portfolio or the efficiencies of your real estate costs? Do you have the real estate reports you need readily available to make strategic decisions?

Strategically Positioning Your Real Estate Portfolio and Organization in Tactically Thinking Times
[PDF – 392k], Market Watch, October 2003
Real estate companies, real estate investment groups and corporate real estate departments know that they have issues they need to solve, performance hurdles they are not achieving and cost reductions they need to initiate. However, they just don't have a systematic framework...

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