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Systems Direction

Are your current systems preventing your company from meeting its operational goals? Are you able to handle information requests quickly and easily? Are most of your employees keeping information in various Excel files? Are you able to sort, categorize, and analyze your assets quickly in order to make sound business decisions? Are you unsure where to start the process of reviewing technology options?

We can help you to understand your current systems and develop a direction to make you more efficient with your information and applications.

Purpose of Service
To develop a road map for operations systems efficiency and effectiveness across the entire organization.

Intended Results
Commercial real estate systems are aligned with organizational goals and integrated into core systems.

StratVisor documents the current tools leveraged in performing real estate operations, including legacy systems, Excel, off-the-shelf packages (MRI, Yardi, Timberline, etc.), core systems (Oracle, SAP) and reviews current strategic high level processes. We inventory decision factors and have the client weight them by level of importance. Factors could include future technology direction, costs, reliability, functionality, etc. We then review the current state of systems against the decision factors and analyze them against several options for a future technology direction. We present the recommendation that applies best for your business along with cost estimates to implement the recommended solution.

Learn about our experience by reading our case studies, or contact us to discuss your organization's needs.

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