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Organizations Design

How well do people in your organization communicate? Are you meeting or exceeding company or business-line goals? Is your team motivated? Are the right resources in the right roles? Are you exceeding or meeting your client, customer or bosses goals?

We can help you understand how to enhance your current organizational design to be more efficient.

Purpose of Service
To align your departments with the corporate strategy.

Intended Results
Efficient, streamlined and effective organization that contributes to the successful operation of the company.

StratVisor documents the current organizational model, understands where the organization wants to go in the future (goals and strategy) and surveys and or interviews key personnel. We then benchmark the competition or other organizational designs and develop 2-3 options. Using those options, we create a scorecard in which the client weights decision factors related to the importance of each factor considered. The weights are applied to the options. The result is an objective evaluation of the strengths and opportunities for improvement of each option. This enables the organization to select a new organizational model that provides better results for the company.

Learn about our experience by reading our case studies, or contact us to discuss your organization's needs.

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