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Performance Management

Are you comfortable with the value of your assets and/or are they fully utilized? Are you happy with the performance of your service provider/or vendor? Are you exceeding your customers, clients, or bosses expectations on performance? Are all the assets you own or lease fully utilized? Do you have excess space? Are you getting the best price for disposed assets? Are you acquiring leases and buildings where you should be to grow your business?

We can provide assistance on developing and implementing a performance management program that is customized to measure portfolio and operational results against business goals.

Purpose of Service
We help you either develop a new performance management program or enhance your existing one.

Intended Results
A new or enhanced performance management program based on value drivers within the operations and portfolio that are linked with the business goals. Typically the goals focus on increased profitability and asset value, decreased costs, or increased client or investor satisfaction.

StratVisor interviews key personnel with the company and any third party providers to determine the current relationships, division of duties, service agreements, performance, any current obstacles with the relationship and any areas for improvement. From the interviews we develop a current state of the service provides, document areas for improvement and document what is the ideal future state. Based upon these three areas performance standards with metrics are developed for each service provider. These performance standards become the baseline measurements to document service provider performance.

Learn about our experience by reading our case studies, or contact us to discuss your organization's needs.

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