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Strategic Asset Disposition Program

Do you have non-core, excess, under-utilized or under-performing assets that are negatively impacting your balance sheet and taking up needed time? Are your assets located in the right location and serving your clients' needs today? Will they be 3-5 years from now?

We can help you to identify your non-core assets, develop a disposition plan and assist with locating an equity partner.

Purpose of Service
To assist organizations (including government, non-profits and corporate real estate) to liquidate their under-utilized, non-core or excess space in a strategic manner that minimizes their up-front costs and produces long-term stock gains from the reduction of recurring costs. We may assist the company with selecting equity investors that can help fund the disposition (minimizing the upfront costs of liquidation). We also develop a Portfolio Strategy, Disposition Categorization and can asset manage the disposition to completion.

Intended Results
A stronger corporate balance sheet, minimization of recurring costs, reduction of management effort in maintaining under-utilized assets.

StratVisor can help you select an equity partner to help fund the disposition process. We develop a strategic portfolio plan, and then categorize your targeted disposition assets by the appropriate disposition vehicle and asset type (i.e. disposition candidates for non-profits, auction companies, environmentally contaminated assets, etc.) We then create a disposition timeline and implementation plan and oversee the process to help you eliminate the recurring costs.

Learn about our experience by reading our case studies, or contact us to discuss your organization's needs.

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