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Financial Scenario Planning

Have you looked at many options to maximize profitability or minimize costs? Do you have a complex decision that requires the review of non-traditional financial planning?

Financial scenario planning can help with an objective comparison of multiple options.

Purpose of Service
To research potential financial scenarios and develop objective documentation of scenarios that meet specific needs of the decision-makers.

Intended Results
StratVisor's goal is to understand the complex decisions of management that require specialized financial planning and to go through a systematic process to recommend the best financial scenario.

StratVisor first helps you identify potential financial scenarios. Then we develop decision factors and create a scorecard to help evaluate the impact of each scenario, including strengths and opportunities for improvement. We involve the client in weighting the decision factors. StratVisor then presents the objective recommendations from the weighted scorecard.

Learn about our experience by reading our case studies, or contact us to discuss your organization's needs.

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