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Asset Management

Are you comfortable with the value of your assets? Are they fully utilized? Are you exceeding your customers, clients, tenants or bosses expectations on performance? Are you confident that all insurance, environmental and legal issues are resolved timely and at a minimal cost to your organization? Do you have excess space? Are you getting the best price for disposed assets? Are you acquiring leases and buildings in the right location to grow your business?

We can provide assistance from addressing specific asset management issues to performing the full asset management function for your company.

Purpose of Service
To evaluate your asset management needs, and assist with specific asset management issues, or assume the full asset management function for your company.

Intended Results
We perform an objective oversight of the Real Estate asset management function with a focus on maximizing profitability, asset value and facilities use with the goal of minimizing risk and costs.

StratVisor develops a Portfolio Strategy matching the company's long- term goals with the portfolio plan. StratVisor then develops an asset- specific plan according to the intended results listed above and works with numerous providers in setting and monitoring performance on the assets. Measures that may apply in maximizing value/use and minimizing risk and costs are occupancy/utilization targets, actual-to- market rental rates or business line charge-backs, environmental studies and remediation compliance, property tax valuations, insurance levels, energy and utility usage, marketing programs, lease clause compliance and renewal monitoring, client service approval rates, lawsuits, etc.

Learn about our experience by reading our case studies, or contact us to discuss your organization's needs.

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