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Site Selection Modeling

How is objective data analyzed in your site selection process? Is your current site selection filtering process efficiently and objectively assisting your team in selecting sites? Are all your sites meeting your profit goals or located in the right place? Are you meeting your forecasts for new locations?

We can help you develop a standard methodology or model to guide your site selection decisions.

Purpose of Service
To assist a company in selecting sites by leveraging a scientific and standardized way of filtering locations that meet their site selection criteria. These models are then displayed graphically for ease of use in narrowing site selection locations.

Intended Results
A standardized and scientific model along with color-coded maps with prioritized areas highlighted based on objective site selection criteria. Selection criteria could include customer and employee drive time, demographics, customer profiling, supply and demand, costs and many other variables. Many public and privately available data sources are leveraged to enable objective and standardized decision making.

StratVisor will work with you to determine site selection variables, weight each variable and develop a model. We then develop color-coded maps from the model data.

Learn about our experience by reading our case studies, or contact us to discuss your organization's needs.

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