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Portfolio Strategic Planning

Are your clients happy? Is your portfolio as profitable as it can be? Do you have as much space as you want? Does your current portfolio meet your company goals?

Establishing a portfolio strategy can guide your company to optimal performance and align the Real Estate department with long-term corporate goals.

Purpose of Service
To assess the current portfolio and develop a strategy that aligns the portfolio with the departmental and long-term corporate strategy.

Intended Results
StratVisor's goal is to complete comprehensive review of the current portfolio and a future direction that includes achievable, prioritized initiatives to reach the future state for the department and organization.

StratVisor documents the current state of the real estate portfolio by reviewing key data points for every asset, interviewing key personnel, and analyzing the current status. Once the current state is established, a future direction is developed to achieve the departmental and corporate goals. A filter is developed based on strategies employed and each asset is put through a filter. A scorecard is then developed with options and weights or proposed future direction scenarios. Several strategies that may be considered are; disposition of vacant space, increase of virtual offices, relocations to lower cost space, early terminations, reduction in rental rates, sale and lease back strategies and potential sublease options. Strategies will depend on product type and fit for the clients future business. An example of future direction scenarios is below.

The Vision – To remove $125M in cost

Option A – Minimal disruption to the organization:

  • Renegotiating existing facilities
  • Minimal savings
  • Less aggressive dispositions (total sf)
  • 10-20% toward vision achieved
  • Remove $12M-24M in cost

Option B – Moderate disruption to the organization:

  • Relocating within markets
  • Moderate savings
  • Moderately aggressive dispositions (total sf)
  • 25-50% toward vision achieved
  • Remove $30M-59M in cost

Option C – Most aggressive option towards the vision:

  • Relocating markets
  • Most significant savings
  • Most aggressive dispositions (total sf)
  • 70%+ toward vision achieved
  • Remove $85M in cost

From the highest weighted scorecard scenario a roadmap with prioritized initiatives/tasks is developed with Quick Hits and long-term initiatives.

Learn about our experience by reading our case studies, or contact us to discuss your organization's needs.

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