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Plans: Facilities, Operations and Systems

Is your company struggling with how to reach company goals? Can your productivity be improved and expenses minimized? Are you unsure how to begin the process? Can you benefit from others who have been through this process before?

We can help you develop a direction with Quick Hits and long-term initiatives that will help you meet your departmental and corporate goals.

Purpose of Service
To develop a road map for facilities, operations (people and processes) or systems (tools) efficiency and effectiveness across the entire organization.

Intended Results
The facilities, operations or systems areas are aligned with corporate and departmental goals.

StratVisor first documents the current tools leveraged in performing real estate operations and facility management, including legacy systems, Excel, off-the-shelf packages (MRI, Yardi, Timberline, etc.), core systems (Oracle, SAP). We then review current strategic high level processes and determine the current status. We inventory decision factors and have the client weight them by level of importance. Factors could include future corporate growth or contraction, profitability, morale, site selection decisions, seating ratio, costs, reliability, functionality, etc. We then review the current state of facilities, operations or system against the decision factors and analyze them against several options for a future direction. We present the recommendation that applies best for your business along with cost estimates to implement the recommended solution.

Learn about our experience by reading our case studies, or contact us to discuss your organization's needs.

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