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StratVisor's Performance Assessment (SPA) is a holistic and strategic evaluation of organizational effectiveness in corporate and commercial real estate organizations. It is an objective assessment based on best industry practices that allows you to bring focus to areas that impact your bottom line and enables you to create a rapid strategy for improving performance. The assessment is a management tool and to produce meaningful results, it should be answered by persons with broad strategic and organizational understanding of the firmís business processes.

The Causes of organizational misalignments can be many and they are often multi-layered, but their Effects are almost always very costly.

If you are asking yourself if your organization is maximizing the following:


  • Linking corporate objectives and individual performance metrics?
  • Are you managing your vendors or are they managing you?
  • What are other income generating opportunities?
  • Whether the portfolio is optimized?
  • Space Utilization of corporate assets?
  • Is outsourcing the right move?

StratVisorís Strategic Assessment Report will give you tools to help improve the bottom line:


  • Your organizationís rating based on over 15 industry best practices and innovations
  • Prioritized initiatives for the biggest return on investment
  • Link your organizational performance with your customer and employee satisfaction results, providing a powerful strategic planning tool

Two different Assessment formats are being offered

  • Individual reports mapping five functional areas and over 15 rated processes that identify areas of high performance and areas for improvement.
  • Company reports for up to 20 participants, with aggregated results. This report provides a more in-depth analysis how your team perceives the organizationís processes and how it compares to best practices. A StratVisor subject matter expert will provide input on the top areas that present the greatest opportunity for improvement, and the actions that needed to achieve them.

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