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Tenant Satisfaction

StratVisor's Tenant Satisfaction Assessment is a qualitative & quantitative assessment of tenant satisfaction levels with the services provided by owners or property managers in the following key areas:

  • Leasing, Management, Financial & Construction service quality
  • Problem resolution and responsiveness
  • Building Services quality and responsiveness
  • Building Amenities
  • Overall Satisfaction
  • Likelihood of renewing their lease
  • Measuring your tenantís satisfaction and understanding which service components may be affecting it allow you to take the necessary action to improve your service delivery and positively impact tenant retention. When overall tenant satisfaction ratings are high, their patience and acceptance during difficult service periods is much greater, they are more likely to refer other tenants and renew their lease.

    Teel StratVisorís survey tool contains the following unique features:


    • Customizable: Define up to ten questions to gauge satisfaction levels of particular property features, processes or desired improvements for increasing tenant retention.
    • Multiple responder feature: Allows you to survey up to 10 tenant contacts within the same firm for the most in-depth assessment and from multiple perspectives
    • On Demand: Ready when you are - surveys can be administered at any time of the year. Just visit our store.
    • At-a-Glance Summary Report: Includes Key Property Data: Gross Leasable Area; Vacancy Rates, 12-month rolling lease expirations; Total Vacancy Exposure; Survey response ratios.
    • Action Step Recommendations by Property Functions & Features: Based on the satisfaction levels in each survey category, StratVisor provides up to six action step recommendations. They are designed to be readily implemented by management staff; address potential cause & effect of issues and how to take corrective actions to improve tenant satisfaction.

    StratVisorís Tenant Satisfaction Assessment Surveys combined with our Strategic Performance Assessment(SPA) will provide you with even greater insight into your organization.s processes that may be impacting your tenant retention beyond property services or features. This detailed 20-minute inter-company assessment will:


    • Link your organizational performance with your tenant and employee satisfaction results, providing a powerful strategic planning tool
    • Rate your organization based on over 15 industry best practices and innovations
    • Provide you with prioritized initiatives for the biggest return on investment

    For additional information on Tenant Satisfaction Assessments or other StratVisor products and value-added combination offers, please contact us at, and a StratVisor representative will contact you.

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