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eLearning is the unifying term used to describe all forms of online learning, web-based training, and technology-delivered instruction using text, flash & audio.

StratVisor offers standard individual online courses that can be purchased through our online store, as well as custom eLearning portals.

eLearning by StratVisor is significantly more cost-effective (70%) than traditional classroom training and that is before incurring travel expenses. Compared to training classes offered by various real estate associations, the savings for our 3 module bundle amounts to an astounding 330%, prior to considering the membership fees that most associations charge (click here for details).

All courses are designed to help individuals and organizations develop strategies to achieve excellence through education and provide access to information.

Custom eLearning portals are, as the name suggests, built to each client’s needs and specifications. They offer a robust learning platform that is also significantly more cost effective (10 - 20%) than platforms currently used by most companies today, and produce measurable performance results.

For more information on building your own custom portal, please contact us at eLearning@stratvisor.com.

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