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A key component to StratVisor services is providing live training on a wide range of topics that address operational, financial and customer-service related needs, as well as conducting executive level visioning workshops. All programs are:

  • Interactive workshop style
  • Hands-on and topical to real estate operations
  • Available in English and Spanish
  • Immediately applicable
  • Fun

The immediacy of live training is most optimal when specific conditions need addressing such as;

  • There has been a major shift in the occupancy profile of a property
  • Significant personnel change has occurred
  • New rules, regulations and / or standards need implementing
  • Customer Service programs need momentum

Course Offering

Role Based Workshops & Coaching
Corporate Real Estate
Business Services
Facilities Management
Land Management
Organizational Planning/Design
Performance Management
Project Management/Construction
Strategic Real Estate Planning
Commercial Real Estate
Asset Management
Construction Management
Leasing Strategies
Organizational & Succession Planning
Portfolio Planning
Property Management
Shared Services/Infrastructure; Accounting, HR, Marketing
System Selection, Implementation, Training
Valuation, Finance & Analysis

Process Based Workshops & Coaching
Corporate Real Estate
Acquisition & disposition of assets
Green Strategies
Moves, add, change procedures
Portfolio Optimization
Prioritizing Your Process Improvements
Project Management
Work order processes
Commercial Real Estate
Building a Brand Strategy
Conducting Lease Audits
Introduction to Building Operating Expenses
Managing Retail Tenants
Operating Expense Reconciliations
Operational Budgeting
Prioritizing Your Process Improvements
Tenant Satisfaction/Retention Strategies

StratVisor's highly experienced industry professionals have conducted
hundreds of hours of live instruction. These are typically preceded by
working sessions with our consulting team to establish learning objectives
from which custom content is designed.

For more information on StratVisor's live training offerings
please contact us at information@stratvisor.com.

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